Experience a perfect voyage with Jambalaya sailing yacht

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Experience a perfect voyage with Jambalaya sailing yacht

Sailing the tradtional schooner, JambalayaThe crew of Jambalaya ensure to make your voyage experience unique and memorable by offering different activities. You can also relish the mouth watering French cuisine blended with Caribbean flavor.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, vacation is the most sort after dream. This dream is more cherished if the vacation is spent none other than in a yacht. Nowadays yacht owners woo many voyagers and take a keen interest to accommodate unique activities of enjoyment and fulfillment. Jambalaya, a 73 ft traditional schooner, is one such yacht which has been designed to give cruising pleasure to its voyagers. Jambalaya can be privately hired to enjoy exclusive vacation with your family and friends.

Jambalaya’s owners and crew members, Peter and Sylvie Bennett, play friendly hosts and take utmost care keeping in view the comfort and well being of the voyagers. While Sylvie takes the charge of food and service, Peter brings forth his sailing experience and takes the handle of the yacht with his robust expertise. This spaciously designed yacht sails through Caribbean islands including Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada. The guests can enjoy the stunning sceneries and take back memorable experiences.


The builders of Jambalaya, Carriacou Shipwrights and the designer Alwen Enoe, made all efforts to accommodate all the modern equipments and not to compromise on cost to make this beauty look and serve at its best. Following are some of its features which makes this yacht impressive:

Fun filled activities

Cruising in Jambalaya is not just mere sight seeing in the yacht, but knowing the real and exotic Caribbean islands. You can sail through the beaches in the island or hike through the mountains and forests that exist in 100 small islands of Grenadines. You can swim or dive in the turquoise water and also attempt to catch fishes. Experience an adventure in Kayak or snorkeling in Tobago Cays or ascending Mount Qua Qua. You can even get hands on experience in sailing the schooner with Peter’s help. What more can you ask?


Jambalaya’s deck is breathtakingly large. Within the yacht, you can indulge in sunbathing while relaxing in its large decks. You can even read a book or take a short nap in hammocks while you witness scenic beauty around you. Each day proves to be special with different fun filled activities.


Food is the main attraction in this yacht. Sylvie is the perfect chef and offers her guests exotic French cuisine blended with Caribbean specialties. She is also a qualified masseuse and would help you refresh yourself. She would be more than delighted to serve bar-be-Que and also prepare fish which you have caught. She serves fresh fruits and vegetables only. The best part in this cruise is that the chef takes care of the food allergies of her guests and prepare tailored cuisine as well. You need to inform her much in advance, though.


Jambalaya is a perfect combination of modern amenities with a taste of classical Caribbean flavor. It was built in 2002 and can accommodate six guests in three cabins. It has a master suite and two guest rooms. The bathrooms are well equipped with showers, clean towels, and plenty of space. The rooms are well decorated with wooden varnishing and silk fabrics. The rooms consist of a large TV with DVD, stereo, and i-pod hookup. This yacht also has an extensive DVD, book and game libraries.

Equipment by cruise

The best thing here is that you can come with minimum luggage. The crew provides you with snorkeling, kayak, floating tubes, and fishing equipments.


This cruise, specially Peters and Sylvie have gained lots of accolades from its guests. Each one of them had a wonderful time on board and wish to come here again and again, not only to experience the great voyage, but also to dig their teeth once more to Sylvie’s mouth watering recipes.


With its length of 73 ft driven by Yanmar engine, this schooner smoothly races through the strong water and gives you time to feel the water close to you. It has the capability of up to 10 knots and the usual speed is 8 knots.


For two people, it costs $ 7,900, for four it would be $ 10,000, while for six people $ 11,500. The payment has to be made in US dollars. They also have tailored packages. During Christmas and New Year, you will have to pay an additional premium of ten percent.

The rates can however change and so contact the Jambalaya team to know the accurate cost.

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