Lagoon 620 catamaran: The best way to explore Greek islands

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Lagoon 620 provides modern amenities with safety measures to make the cruise experience memorable.
Lagoon 620 provides modern amenities with safety measures to make the cruise experience memorable.

Greece has always attracted cruisers mainly because of its islands. There are more than 6,000 islands in Greece, out of which only 227 are inhabited. It is a pleasure to go through the Mediterranean Sea and explore these islands. If you too have the dream of visiting Greek islands and make a memorable vacation on a yacht, the Lagoon 620 catamaran can be just the right choice for you. Lagoon 620, a catamaran and a luxury yacht, comes forth with modern amenities and is a treat for cruisers who do not want to compromise with comforts while travelling. Designed by architects Van Peteghem and Lauriot, Lagoon 620 is a perfect blend of elegance, strength, and luxury.


The makers of Lagoon 620 made all efforts to accommodate all the modern equipments and not to compromise on cost to make this beauty look and serve at its best. Following are some of its features which makes this yacht impressive:

1. Safety measures

 First and foremost, utmost care has been taken by the builders to make this yacht strong and robust to support its catamaran characteristics. The makers have used infusion molding to increase its weight and protect it against all environmental odds. This catamaran also has staysail and gennaker to go ahead against the wind and sail smoothly. This yacht is ideal to go long distances with comfort and safety, side by side.

2. Upper deck or fly bridge:

Lagoon 620 has a fly bridge or the upper deck that has luxurious space for a good social gathering. The fly bridge also has two steering wheels or helms to give the sailor a better and clear view of the sea.

3. Saloon and Cockpits:

This catamaran has cockpits on both its upper and lower decks. The cockpit in the upper deck compliments well with the saloon and has a wet bar which makes it easy to prepare quick snacks. Though there is a comfortable dining area, you can have your meals inside or outside, while relaxing.

4. Interiors:

The interiors are done by Couëdel-Hugon Yacht Design. The interiors of Lagoon 620 are made with reconstituted wood, developed by Alpi® group. The wood used is light oak and teak that makes the interiors look elegant. The living areas between the cockpit, deck, and fly bridge are very spacious and ideal for gatherings or even spending time in solitude. There is plenty of storage space. You can enjoy plenty of natural light that comes through the large hull windows and picture windows in the galley and also the aft starboard cabin. The lights in the saloon are softer and you can even fit blinds. One of the most impressive feature about the Lagoon 620’s interiors are the use of vertical glazing which protects you from the harmful rays of the sun during the peak of afternoon time.

5. Crew:

The crew is well isolated, leaving the guests to have their privacy. The crew, consisting of three members, have their own cabins with shower facility. They also have their separate reception and deck area. This makes the Lagoon 620 catamaran ideal as a charter boat as well, while giving the benefits of a luxury yacht.

6. Cabins:

Lagoon 620 has four well designed and luxurious cabins and can accommodate eight guests. There are three double cabins and one bunk cabin. Each cabin is well equipped with modern amenities including an LCD TV, stereo system and DVD. You would find softer lights in the cabins and facility of blinds to be fitted, if required. The owner’s cabin is in the starboard and has private seating area and with direct access to the cockpit. There is plenty of storage space and washrooms in every cabin. There is also a cabin with bunk beds.

7. Transom platform:

There are two transom platform with well designed area, large enough to easily access the sea to bathe or board a dinghy. You can also sun bathe in its large decks.

8. Water sports activities:

Besides a comfortable stay, this catamaran also offers many fun water activities to its guests. This includes water skiing, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, and kayak sailing. Thus, you can explore the Greek islands in Lagoon 620 and be assured of comfort and safety, in all ways.


With its length of 62 ft driven by two engines of 150 HP Volvo, Lagoon 620 races through the strong water and gives a thrill down the spine with its fast pace. It has the capability of up to 10 knots. Its fuel capacity is 2 x 650 liters.


You can reserve the catamaran for Euro € 3.600 (high) or 2.900 (low) per day, excluding VAT. However, prices may change; so contact the sales teams for accurate prices.

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