Luxury yacht Red Dragon offers ultimate comfort on high seas

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Luxury sailing yacht RED DRAGON is 52m and was constructed by Alloy Yachts in New Zealand
Luxury sailing yacht RED DRAGON is 52m and was constructed by Alloy Yachts in New Zealand

The Sailing Yacht Red Dragon has been built by Alloy Yachts. This luxurious yacht has an enviable ability to operate at sea unassisted for long durations. The yacht can accommodate 10 passengers and 10 operational crew. The interior of the yacht is relaxing and contemporary in nature. The saloon is pretty large with a formal dining area. There is huge space to accommodate 10 persons. The guest accommodation of the luxury yacht includes a suite for the owner and three guest suites. There is a gymnasium too. The crew layout can fit 10 people and they are all en-suites. The flybridge can be accessed from the cockpit of the yacht.


Red Dragon has a good record when it comes to sailing and clean decks that will make many heads turn. The superstructure of the yacht is whitened while the topside is finished in anthracite grey. The Red Dragon is a luxury yacht that has a huge 205ft mast made of graphite. The yacht is powered by C32 1400 HP engine and the yacht is also equipped with a couple of 90kw Northern Lights machine. The main engine of the yacht is capable of producing 1400 horse power. She is fitted with only 1 engine and the total power of the boat is 1400hp. The bow thrusters of the boat are retractable. There are two water makers which can supply 16,000 liters on a daily basis.

The yacht has good accommodation facilities. There are three suites for the guests and a designated suite for the owner.There is also a separate gymnasium with Pullman berth. All the cabins have LCD TVs’. They are also equipped with Ipod device decks. Apart from all these, there is an Audio-Video system on deck that includes DVD, Compact Disc and Hard drive. On-board communications are powered by wireless 2 x 4006 VSAT.


The Sailing Yacht RED DRAGON was built in Auckland by Alloy Yachts. It was launched in 2007 and the design of the yacht was done by Dubois Naval Architects. The hull is constructed of Aluminum. There is no helicopter landing pad and the vessel is available for luxury yacht charters.

The yacht has a capacity for 10 guests and 10 crew members. The 1400 HP Caterpillar is responsible for its propulsion. It is a C 32 diesel engine which gives an overall output of 1400 HP. It cruises at a speed of 12 nautical miles/hour. The tip speed is clocked at 15.3 knots. At a speed of 10 knots it has a range of 5900 and bunkering capacity is 38,000L. The yacht beam is 10.2m and waterline length is 44.8m.

High Points

The RED DRAGON is a luxury yacht that has the unique ability of operating in the sea without any form of assistance. There is a large saloon which can seat 10 people. The interior has been finished in pale timber which gives a classy look to this super yacht. Another main advantage of this vessel is that the flybridge can be accessed directly from the cockpit. There is a wide range of onboard recreational gears like two sailboats, the kayaks, mountain bikes and inflatable toys. The onboard entertainment system is controlled by Kaleidescape audio-visual system.


There has been no concrete information regarding the price but some reports suggest the price to be around €200,000 per week.

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