Dark Star is an ideal yacht for Mediterranean

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Dark Star is an ideal yacht for Mediterranean
Dark Star; the sailing yacht, Dark Star, an upgrade of Buzzy B has all the modern amenities which cruisers can dream of.

Dark Star, an upgrade of Buzzy B, has proved its worth in the yacht industry with its modern amenities and is a treat for those families who do not want to compromise on their comforts while cruising. Buzzy B, which was owned by Trehard of France, was redesigned and all its parts, except its hull and the mast, were replaced with modern parts. This new innovation was named as Dark Star. This new yacht proved to the world of business that change is necessary for advancement and profit.

The Trihard team started to create this dream yacht in 2000 and completed it in 2003. They took three years to match it with the modern times and keeping in view the preferences of the cruisers all over the world. Since its launch, Dark Ship has tasted world’s oceans in Western Mediterranean with different crew members and different guests, but all have only one thing to say ‘fantastic experience’. Now this yacht is a part of the Dream Sailing fleet of yachts. You can reserve it to enjoy the Mediterranean this summer and Caribbean next winter.


The makers of Dark Star made all efforts to accommodate all the modern equipments and not to compromise on cost to make this beauty look and serve at its best. Following are some of its features which makes this yacht impressive:

1. Safety measure: The Dark Ship complies with the MCA Code of Practice which lays down rules of safety for shipping vessels and yachts. This makes it very safe and withstand against all environmental odds.

2. Interiors: Dark Star has spacious interiors to enable its guests and the crew to relax comfortably in their respective areas. The interiors of the yacht are mainly set with cherry wood and varnished floors. The main salon is blended with luxury and service and takes care of all safety measures. The dining area is toward the port and has a good seating arrangement with easy access to drinks, fridge, and ice maker. There is also good seats in starboard which also has a navigation center with a computer by Dell.

3. Cockpit: Cockpit is in the center line and easily accessible. The guests can relax in the cockpit and experience the sailing.

4. Crew member aft: The crew member aft is well isolated, leaving the guests to have their privacy. The crew, consisting of four members, have their own mess area adjacent to the galley and own deck access. This makes it ideal as a charter boat as well, while giving the benefits of a luxury yacht.

5. Cabins: Dark Star has four cabins and can accommodate eight guests. Each cabin has en-suite facilities. The owner’s cabin has a double bed with a sofa set and an attached bathroom with shower. Moving further, there is a twin cabin and then two guest cabins. The interiors are fully air-conditioned. You can also adjust the room temperature according to your preference as each cabin has a control system. The guest cabins have upper and lower berths, best suitable for kids. Not to mention, this yacht also has luxury bed linens, bathrobes, towels, and china ware that makes any one feel at home. Hence this yacht is ideal for two families.

6. Water sports activities: Besides a comfortable stay, this yacht also offers many fun water activities to its guests. This includes water skiing, snorkeling, and fishing. It also has a large swimming platform and a convenient tender with a 40 hp engine.

7. Food: Food is a treat here. It also has barbecue which you can use and double your taste buds.You would relish courses like Freshly baked baguettes with preserves, Red Mullet Niçoise salad, Salmon en croute with a tarragon and watercress mayonnaise, Spinach and Ricotta tart soufflé, Mille Feuille of hazlenut shortbread, Lemon ricotta cheesecake, Apricot and almond galette, Tuna steaks with a herb crust, and White chocolate and cardamon parfait, not to forget fresh fruits and beverages like tea and coffee.


With its length of 89 ft driven by 330 hp engine, Dark Ship races through the strong water and gives a thrill down the spine with its fast pace. It has the capability of up to 14 knots and the usual speed is 9 knots. The hull is made of aluminum. Its fuel capacity is 1057 gallons (4000 liters).


You can reserve the yacht for Euro € 26,000.00 - 32,000.00/week. However, prices may change; so contact the sales teams for accurate prices.

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