Best luxury yacht designs for most comfy ride on waves

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Best luxury yacht designs for most comfy ride on waves

A luxury yacht can be rightly defined as a magnificent vessel designed to provide a royal, lavish, and scintillating experience. Flamboyance and ultimate style statement remains the prime objective of all those who can afford such a royal craft. Here is a list of 10 Best luxury yachts:

Celestis luxury yacht concept

This marvelous design is the adept visualization of the future of personal luxury cruises by the Indian designer Aviv Nair. The beautiful futuristic structure of the hull has been prepared, keeping in mind, the popular Star Trek vessel, giving it a spaceship look. It is needless to mention that luxury is the key priority of this vessel with its very own swimming pool in the front deck and a rear deck bearing its personal helipad. All this makes the Celestis super yacht an ideal cruise ship for personal parties with friends and family in complete seclusion from the world.

MoonSet Yacht concept

The MoonSet concept by renowned power boat manufacturer Earthrace draws its inspiration from LOMOcean design and can be described as one of the most radical yacht designs till date. From prow to stern the design emanates grandeur and luxury, not to mention the integrated conference room, lounge, owner headquarters and art galleries to name a few of the flamboyant arrangements. The dynamic structure is built to provide immense stability, even when the yacht cruises at a speed of 40 knots.

Xi Luxury Yacht concept

The Xi Luxury Yacht is a concept aiming to redefine the genre of high end luxurious watercrafts. The unique and radical design bears marked resemblance to the lethal sting ray and is sure to drop jaws wherever it goes. The prime priority of this mesmerizing design is to achieve sports-quality performance, without stability taking the back seat. The cutting edge sleek contour is based on aerodynamic and hydrodynamic principles to obtain great momentum with a non-bulky engine.

Voronoi luxury yacht

The remarkable design and concept of the Voronoi yacht makes it a prime example of extravagant style and grandeur. The vessel is optimized to perfection in its goal to provide ultimate luxury and style for those who can afford it. The breath-taking design of the ship’s exterior in line with Voronoi patterns ensures a lively yachting experience. This premium luxurious watercraft is equipped with more than enough amenities to provide the ultimate seafaring experience.

Eco Luxury yacht concept

A product of the ingenious creativity of the young designer Francesco Struglia, the Eco Luxury yacht concept is a vessel reserved for royalty alone. Its lavish fibre glass reticular structure resting directly on the hull is a treat to watch. Along with all the necessary amenities for an extremely luxurious and grand seafaring experience, the vessel has been provided with photovoltaic cells to produce solar energy and be ecologically friendly.

SVD concept XXI luxury yacht

Steering away from conventional luxury yacht genre, the SVD XXI concept is a unique design with flexibility and functionality at top most priority. In comparison to its rivals it is affordable and is based mainly on the principle of providing luxury in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. Its efficient heat insulation system and solar heating system is a noteworthy ecofriendly measure.

WallyIsland Luxury Yacht Concept

Luxury circles are not new for the Wallypower yachts. The latest addition to their line of lavish watercrafts is the WallyIsland Luxury concept which is a 325 foot long super cruiser. The ship comes integrated with luxurious amenities in its 1000 square meter deck area, along with its very own helipad, deep water pool, a soccer-court and a lavish garden oasis with exotic trees. Like all other Wallypower creations, the yacht is completely customizable as per the requirement.

Flaming Ice luxury yacht concept

The Flaming Ice luxury super yacht is an eloquent example of the grand craftsmanship of luxury vessels. Constructed on an open-space theme, the design gives utmost importance to efficient interaction between the exterior and interior of the vessel. The yacht has requisite amenities for a perfect seafaring experience and everything from the sliding glass windows to the designer furniture has been chosen according the requirement of the user.

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