10 Things you should do before boarding a carnival cruise ship

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10 Things you should do before boarding a carnival cruise ship

Essentials before boarding Carnival cruise shipImportant things you should do before boarding a carnival cruise ship

Carnival cruise lines are the great way to enjoy the holidays. You can enjoy the exotic locations with your family on the cruise. There are many carnival cruise lines, which provide these services at various prices. You can have different packages as per your requirement and affordability. This carnival cruise lines allow you to explore and experience great travel opportunities. So, you just need to find the right kind of cruise as per your requirement and you will have the most adventurous and thrilling experience of your life.

Before going for the trip, you should check following things:

1. Select your cruise

There are numerous cruise ships available with over 15 carnival destinations and 22 ports worldwide. You have lots of options from which you need to select the cruise as per your liking of the place. There are festive discounts available during the carnival; you have to book early in order to avail those offers. You can contact the cruise office directly or book online.

2. Gather all the travel documents

In most of the cruises, passengers are asked to carry only birth certificate and photo identification like driving license. But according to the new laws, every person returning to (US and non-US citizen) should carry the passport and produce it when asked. So, if you don’t have passport, it is highly recommended to get it before the trip.

3. Amount of money to spend

There are lots of options available. Generally the dining charges are included in the price but you have to check for the same. You can cut down the price by not availing few services which you don’t require like room service, massage and spa etc.

4. Check in

Always make sure that you arrive at the location of boarding 3 hours before the departure time. There are various checks that you will have to undergo before the departure. Also, you will have to load the luggage and obtain receipt for that. For all this, you should arrive before time.

5. Bank and credit card company

Inform your bank and credit card company that you are going out of country. By informing them you won’t be flagged for the fraudulent activity.

6. Postcards

If you need any postcards, go to the purser’s desk. You can get postcards for free of cost at the desk. Also they have the stamps for all the countries. You can get it for absolutely free. For free deck of cards, visit the purser’s desk.

7. Medications

When on the cruise, if you need any kind of pills like seasick pills, tablets or any kind of medication, check the “O” deck where there is a waiting room for the doctor. You can also get free samples for taking in individual packets. Also, you will find a scale where you can weigh the suitcases and also yourself. Seasick pills are also available at the purser’s desk. You should be aware of this information before going to trip.

8. Tipping practice

Some cruises have the tipping practice that is followed strictly. You should inquire about it before booking in order to check the affordability. Some ships have service charges that are eventually a tip.

9. Policies

There are different policies of each shipping company to carry alcohol. Some companies allow you to carry and some don’t. You have to check the rules and regulations before boarding the cruise.

10. Clothes

Carry clothes which are reusable. You can wear a blazer in formal party day.

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