10 boats that are race cars on waters

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10 boats that are race cars on waters

Speedboats, Best boats that are race cars on blue water

The experience of running your boat at a high speed on seas is definitely exciting and thrilling. Speedboats have the ability to cruise on high seas at a high speed that can prove to be a memorable ride. These boats can attain the speed of race cars on water. Here is the list of 10 boats that are race cars on water.

1. Donzi 22 Shelby

Donzi 22 Shelby GTDonzi 22 Shelby GT Speedboat

Manufactured by Donzi Marine in 2007, the Donzi 22 Shelby has a beam of 7 ft and dry weight of 3400 lb. The hull material is made up of strong fiberglass, which is light weight. It is powered by both gas and petrol. It has a maximum output of 425.00 hp and fuel capacity of 52 gallon.

2. Malibu Boats

Malibu Boats]Malibu Boats super watercraft

The 2008 Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V of Malibu Boats was manufactured in collaboration with GM. The length of this speedboat is 20′ 6″ and its beam is of 93.5″. The boat can accommodate 8 persons comfortably. The weight of this boat is 3000 lbs and its fuel capacity is 37 gallons.

3. The Spire Boat

The Spire BoatThe Spire Boat by Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler has designed Spire Boat, a retro-futuristic speedboat. The aesthetics of this brilliantly designed boat has hydrodynamic and aerodynamic feats. Mugler has derived the inspiration to design this 9.5m from the muscle cars of 1950s. The boat can carry four people. Its hull is made up of carbon fiber. The boat can reach a top speed of 90 knots.

4. Silvestris Sports Cabriolet speedboat

Silvestris Sports CabrioletSilvestris Sports Cabriolet speedbaot

The credit for designing Silvestris Sports Cabriolet speedboat goes to automotive designer Maarten de Bruijn. This 23 foot long powerful boat is manufactured by Silvestris Haute Motive Concepts. This boat can accommodate four passengers and is powered by either two Volvo diesel engines or by one Volvo petrol engine. They can attain a top speed of 55 knots, or 100km/h.

5. Xavier veilhan blue boat

Xavier veilhan blue boatXavier veilhan blue boat a super watercraft

Paris based artist Xavier Veilhan has designed the Xavier veilhan blue boat or the RAL5105. Veilhan has worked together with Austrian shipyard Frauscher to design this speedboat. The boat is powered by a MerCruiser motor which has an output of 220 HP. The boat is 6.9 meter long and it can carry eight persons.

6. EPIC Wakeboats EPIC 23E

EPIC Wakeboats EPIC 23EHybrid electric wake boat

The EPIC Wakeboats EPIC 23E is manufactured by Epic Boats, which is led by Aptera co-founder Chris Anthony. The boat is 22-foot long and it is expected to be available for sale in 2012. This speedboat features an electric drive system and it is environment friendly. The Director of Product Development at Epic Boats, Matt Ostmeyer, is hopeful that this boat will find many takers.

7. The Czeers MK1 solar speedboat

Czeers MK1The Czeers MK1 solar speedboat

The Czeers MK1 speedboat is powered by solar energy. It can attain a high speed of 30-knot. The outer body is made up of carbon fiber. The solar panels are fitted on the surface of this boat, which is designed by the designers at Delft Technical University. The boat is 10 meter long and it is powered by an 80kw electric motor.

8. 41 Super Leggera

41 Super Leggera41 Super Leggera Watercraft

The powerful 41 Super Leggera is a speedboat designed and manufactured by Outerlimits Powerboats. The deck is made up of carbon fiber. The designers have used aerospace technology in this boat which is 12.5 metre long. Priced at €450,000, this boat can touch a top speed of more than 160 km/h.

9. CODE-X high-tech hybrid Powerboat

CODE-X Hybrid PowerboatCODE-X high-tech hybrid Powerboat

The CODE-X is hybrid speedboat designed by a Swiss company. This solar-powered boat is totally eco friendly and is powered by a 710 hp V10 engine, which are used in Formula One car. The boat can attain a top speed of 90 knots and has Virtual Anchor system which is GPS-controlled. This advanced system helps in keeping the boat stationary.

10. Lancia Speedboat

Lancia SpeedboatLancia luxury Speedboat

The credit for designing Lancia Speedboat goes to Christian Grande. The boat is christened “Lancia di Lanci” and it features Fiat’s latest engine which can generate a total output of 1120 hp. The boat has a dining table and a sofa. The Lancia di Lancia has LED headlights.

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