Top 10 Largest cruise ships in the world

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Largest cruise ships in the world Top Largest cruise ships in the world

Largest cruise ships in the world Top Largest cruise ships in the world


The cruise ships are a rage these days and people across the globe wants to have a weekend on these ultra luxurious ships. There are ships even larger than Titanic and most of us don’t have idea about it. So here we are with a list of top 10 largest cruise ships in the world. Comparing these cruise ships with Titanic is unfair actually.

1. Allure of the Seas

Allure of the SeasAllure of the Seas is a cruise ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International

The Allure of the seas offers plenty of staterooms and is one of the longest ships ever made. It has a length of 361 m with 72m height above sea. It has a width of 66m and can accommodate maximum of 6,500 passengers at a time. Including the passengers, the ship has a maximum capacity to accommodate 2,000 crew member. The beauty lies in the entertainment part of the ship. All round the clock you will find people enjoying in the pubs or on the dance floors.

2. Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the SeasOasis-class cruise ship in the fleet of Royal Caribbean International

Oasis of the Seas is the ship if you prefer going on a trip with your family or friends. IT offers wide range of facilities like a spa cuisine, pub, disco bar and much more. It is also a best place for sports lovers as it offers ice skating, rock climbing and various other events. It can accommodate almost 6,296 passengers at a time.

3. Celebrity Equinox

Celebrity EquinoxCelebrity Equinox is a Solstice-class cruise ship built by Meyer Werft

The ultimate luxurious ship is the Celebrity Equinox. The awesome interiors with a touch of Celebrity brand makes it even more popular. It is one of the highest appreciated ships in terms of service provided and the atmosphere created inside. This is a very lively ship with a number of cool and adventure events inside. It offers world class stay for each of its customer and never disappoints in terms of a perfect luxurious ride.

4. Celebrity Solstice

Celebrity SolsticeCelebrity Solstice is a Solstice-class cruise ship owned and operated by Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises’ maiden ship is a complete luxurious and classic ship that departed from Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. This ship is so big that you will find hard to reach from one end to another end. It has a length of 1,000 ft., and with this length it was even hard to take it out of the shipyard in Germany. It is the first ship in the Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice Class. These ships are known to deliver aesthetic atmosphere with a pleasant and luxurious stay for their customers.

5. Carnival Magic

Carnival MagicCarnival Magic biggest cruise ship

This ship is so big that you will find it hard to explore it fully. It has an area equivalent to three big football fields. The rooms provided in the ship are complete luxurious and have classic looks with awesome interior designs. The beauty lies in the awesome design of the ship and no matter how many cool ships you have seen, this has its own magic. Most of the rooms in the ships offers sea view and the top deck of the ship offers cultural parties and pubs. There is a dance club with outdoor deck access.

6. Norwegian Epic

Norwegian EpicNorwegian Epic third largest cruise ship in the world

Norwegian Epic launched in May 2006 as the world’s biggest cruise ship. It has a large vessel measuring almost 155,000 tons. The ship offers a large space and can accommodate 3,634 passengers at a single time. It has overtaken Cunard’s gargantuan Queen Mary 2 by 7,000 tons and carried 1,014 more passengers. This ship is way above others and is most preferred by people.

7. Freedom of the Seas

Freedom of the SeasFreedom of the Seas is a cruise ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International

Freedom of Seas is the ship if you are looking for a journey on the blue sea. It offers nothing less than other classic ships in the world. The ship is made with ultra-futuristic style and design with added luxurious features that will make your journey the most exotic one. It hosts various shows at night which are awesome and you can get into the shows by just paying $20 to $30 a person. These shows takes place in a theater located at the top deck of the sea. It can accommodate approximately 4,000 persons per trip.

8. Liberty of the Seas

Liberty of the SeasLiberty of the Seas is a Royal Caribbean International Freedom class cruise ship which entered regular service in May 2007

The Liberty of the Seas was launched in 2006 and since then have attracted plenty of people and has offered world class facilities to all its customers. It is the Second-largest cruise ship in the world and is believed to be the best in comfort and style. Multiple entertainment options are provided on the ship with facilities like sports fields, conference rooms, ice skating, rock climbing and much more. This ship is hard to miss when there is a talk about cruise ships and always offers above expectation facilities.

9. Independence of the Seas

Independence of the SeasIndependence of the Seas is a Freedom-class cruise ship operated by the Royal Caribbean cruise line

The entertainment never stops in this ship as it offers ultimate entertainment options on the go including 4 broadway style musicals. Not made just for entertainment people, it also offers conference halls and business center onboard for all the business freaks on the ship. The conference hall is provided with 400 seats. Various branded shops are placed inside the ship which offers trendy and world class products. It also offers Ice skating rink, rock climbing and a classic restaurant.

10. RMS Queen Mary 2

RMS Queen Mary 2RMS Queen Mary 2 is a transatlantic ocean liner

The ‘Queen Mary 2′ is a real classic ship and has been attracting people since its launch. The lobby of the ship is quite spacious and is 3 decks high. The ship also features a classic pub which is called the Golden Lion Pub. This pub brings a complete British culture back into life and is considered to be one of the best classic pub. The ship is also provided with sports fields so that people who are into sports can enjoy their stay to the maximum. It features 5 pools on 5 decks.

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