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New Zealand built 54′ custom steel pilothouse yacht
New Zealand built 54′ custom steel pilothouse yacht

Mario Pedol is to be credited with the plans, interiors, exteriors and the Nauta Design of the Baltic 112 Nilaya, which was launched in May. The Nilaya is completely custom-made and is the result of the focus, firm determination and clarified thoughts of the owner. Nilaya is a super fast boat and has a massive scenic deckhouse. As declared by Pedol, the Nilaya was meant to be handled like a sports boat which will bear speed but will have a beautiful deckhouse oozing with comfort as well.

The owner and the Nauta design team set off very well from the first encounter. They were positively driven and had set their focus on certain parameters like performance, comfort and deckhouse. This was the theme decided on. The owner had the idea and the theme etched in his mind, he met up with the Nauta Design team, the studio started working on the design. And then the project manager of Marine Construction Management along with owner and the Nauta Design team identified a series of yachts and the choice boiled down to the Baltic Yachts. It took a while for the 34 meter sloop to hit the water as the Baltic was busy with another project.

The Nilaya has a slender lateral line with a deckhouse which is considerably low and windows at the side. The main deck flaunts a twin-helm steering cockpit with easy access to the crew quarters. The passengers are given spacious central cockpit, keeping in mind the comfort and easy maneuvering during races. Through three successive configurations the layout reached perfection. This makes the Nilaya light, easy to handle even by a crew of two or three and sensitive to the pit. The target is to sail under the sail with the same speed as the wind. With the yacht in normal trim, it can touch eight knots.

The interiors spell opulence and perfection with no frills, a very beautiful deckhouse, attractive environment and an interesting crew area. The interiors are strictly made of mahogany and are decorated with furniture which are strictly functional. Pedol described Nilaya, as having ultra modern exteriors, naval architecture and traditional interiors that reflect the north European homes. There is a large galley, with sophisticated appliances. The area also has the area displaying charts and dinner arrangement for the crew. It also provides with separate walk ways. The cabinets, drawers and small units are compartmentalised and keep the things in their respective places.

When one is descending from the guest cockpit, the furniture hints at comfort and space. The corridors with more fridges along its walls, lead to the lounge with the soundproofed engine opening into it. The owner’s suite has four large windows and four roof skylights. The interior has a lot of space with a double bed, sofa and computer table. The double bathroom is another attraction of the room. The paintings on the wall depict different phases of the seas creating a classical element.

The name Nilaya breeds from the Sanskrit word meaning heaven and stands up to the meaning quite effectively.

Price: On request only.

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